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Lady GaGa Drawing by MauroIllustrator

I have to say it is a very realistic drawing, to the point that in a "Small Resolution" Preview it is simply amazing and looks like a P...


What we accept as request:

Simple or Realistic Art is accepted.

(With or without background).

Below we have listed all styles with pictures and prices to help you chose what style/price is best for you.

Note: We accept Paypal payments, also crafts or other stuff are accepted as well ^.^ 
Also if you want something sent to you in Real life, We can discuss that!

Prices are from Mix to Max:
Chibi/2D/Sketches - 10$ to 40$ (Coloured, With/Without Background)

Extra character: 5$

Vindictus - Taka and Shine [Commission] by kapiheartlilly Harlequin Chibi (Atlantica Online) by kapiheartlilly Vindictus - Escarade [Chibi Commission] by kapiheartlilly League of Legends - Syndra (Chibi) by kapiheartlilly      
Vindictus - Kekipi and Karin by kapiheartlilly          Kitty and Puff - FIrst Halloween by kapiheartlilly  Altantica Online - Canary/Kekipi/KapiH by kapiheartlilly 
Atlantica Online - Main Whip by kapiheartlilly   Carmilla the Vampire - Atlantica Online by kapiheartlilly  Succubus Queen Vindictus by kapiheartlillySheriff Christine - Atlantica Online by kapiheartlilly

Complex and Realistic Drawings - 30$ to 80$ (depending on the request)

Extra Characters: 10$
Background - Simple/Complex: 10$/15$

NOTE: If you need the drawing to be done for certain date or in short time it will cost 5$ more.

   League of Legends - Yukata Akali by kapiheartlilly   Zyriss - Chapter 2: Old times by kapiheartlilly
Mad Rabbit Ziggs - League of Legends Yordle Fanart by kapiheartlilly  League of Legends - Riven and Zac [Commission] by kapiheartlilly  League of Legends - Ice and Flower in One Body by kapiheartlilly
The last breath by kapiheartlilly  Squirrel Lulu - League of Legends EUW Yordle Event by kapiheartlilly  Vindictus - Robi and Olga by kapiheartlilly
Vi (Kekipie) Witchhook Version! by kapiheartlilly  Zyra and Thresh v.s Teemo and Ashe by kapiheartlilly  League of Legends - Officer Caitlyn's Office by kapiheartlilly

Other Requests:

Signatures/Avatar's for Forum Use - If you need a custom drawing drawn, Small/Big - 5-15 $

                                                                                               Some extra notes:

We accept Euros(€) Pounds(£) and Dollars($) when it comes to Paypal do not worry about your currency.

For Art Trades that is up for negotiations, were not greedy don't be scared to ask ^.^

Do note that custom queries will always be replied to, If you have something more simple or more harder then the above listed, its fine, just shoot a private message and lets talk about it, We are not greedy, just trying to help others, be it for there prints/crafts or for there self satisfaction of getting there dream image/scene/concept drawn, or to surprise that special friend or more then friend person in your life! We work with total confidentiality and we will keep things secret/not post them here until you have surprised that lucky person!
So simply private message us here or on any of our other contact's and request for what you want, If we can make it/deliver it in the time frame that you want, you pay what you want/can afford. They will only be posted here if you allow it, as we understand people like to offer art as a gift to others.

(psssst! If you wish to sell/merchandise any of our existing works here uploaded on our Account then msg us. We like money, real life crafted/printed objects e,t,c We are up for negotiating deals always, after all Art should always be spread!)

Kind Regards
Katy Chan and Hugo Kun.


kapiheartlilly's Profile Picture
Katy & Hugo Ventura
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Our name's are Katy(main illustrations) and Hugo(editor), we are a couple that are very Interested in just about any area that DeviantArt has to offer. And for that reason we will upload our stuff in one place and more frequently, In other words, even Photography or Writing would be put here. We mostly do Traditional and Digital Art (And mix's of both!) and we will post Many Sketch's and WIP's for many of our works together.

Hope you enjoy and if you are bored you can always check our Tumblr's for Music/Inspiration on our Personal Blogs! (Hugo/Kekipi/Kapi/Kari) (Katy/Eollyn)

Instagram: (I post how weird Katy Is!)
Twitter: (For the sake of such)

Others: To be added someday, when Katy or me are not lazy to add it here!

Any commission's asked can be traded for art, If complex/no Trade Deviant Art Points or Cash is acceptable for such! Don't be scared of asking!

If you want to Donate to us, Hey that's fine, Never mind such!…

Just please NEVER use our artwork without permission, if you do Credit it at least, Also any Profit made with our artwork should be shared towards the original Artist's so never forget those golden rules for every artist in general!

Have a fun day, Browse and hey, Share it on Social Media if you like the stuff you see!

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Zerox-II Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks so much for the favorite @@  

keep drawing! hehehe
kapiheartlilly Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem! And thank you! Keep it going  too o/
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revois Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist

Thank you so much for the favorite on Zyra NSFW optional by revois :heart:

Would you maybe be interested in browsing my gallery? If you enjoyed that piece, I may have something else that interests you :heart:

If not, that’s fine too, and I hope that you have a wonderful day! :heart:

kapiheartlilly Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you and np. I did liked your Shyvana as well :P
revois Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
:D I'm rather proud of the Shyvanna piece, there are so many details :heart:
Daraya-crafts Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2015  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
thanks for fav^^
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